NextGen 2014

NextGen is the School of Computing's annual showcase of exemplary student work. It provides an opportunity to meet over 200 graduates joining industry in 2014, speak to them about their projects.

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Work experience programmes

home page imageThere are two work experiences programmes that your company can choose from:
A placement year is an opportunity for your company to address a specific project or series of projects that requires a fresh insight and extra pair of hands. It's also an opportunity for your business to experience how a new graduate would work in your organisation.
A short internship (for instance over the summer). The School actively encourages IT related placements as they will boost the students' career aspirations and strengthen links between industry and the School and provide temporary help to your business.

Stephen Walker: WalkerDesigns Ltd said,

I am proud to know that our graduates are equipped with leading edge knowledge and skills which provides them with a strong competitive advantage when competing within the global job market.

What courses can I take?

Second year students on the following courses are available for placement and internships:

  • BA (Hons) Web and Multimedia
  • BSc (Hons) Computing
  • BSc (Hons) Information and Communication Technologies
  • FdSc Web Design
Technical skills?

Students on these programmes have a range of valuable technical and design skills, including:

  • Web development
  • Server side scripting
  • Client side scripting
  • content management systems e.g. WordPress, Joomla!
  • networks
Other technical skills?

The students also have experience in a wide range of software including: MySQL, PHP, JQuery, JQuery mobile,Java-script, Flash, Action-script 3.0, HTML5, CSS3, Phone Gap, Dreamweaver etc.

  • web / mobile interface design
  • desktop and mobile app development
  • asset creation e.g. music, sound, video
  • database design